Hashi Kimono Make up Pouch 2313G

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Hashi is Japanese for ‘bridge’. This design was inspired by the shape of a beautiful red bridge at a temple in Osaka.  It features one large pocket accessed by a top zipper, and a zipped pocket on the side. Designed with a base panel, so the pouch will stand up.

This stunning piece is a furisode kimono, daring from the 1990s.  We have actually had it for five years, admiring the patterns before we finally recrafted it.  It was actually a half made kimono, with not all the seams completely sewn, so was never worn.

A collection of popular Japanese design motifs adorn this fabric, including, 'sakura' blossom’, 'botan' and ‘kiku’ flowers, and Sensu, Kasumi and Shippou and Kikkou pattens.

Botan, the peony is called 'king of flowers' in Japan. Kiku, the chrysanthemum, is the flower of the Imperial House and and often used icon of Japan itself (it features on Japanese passports). ‘Ran’ are orchids, which symbolise union and wealth and/or prosperity.  Sakura, The Cherry Blossom is one of the first of the year to bloom, and blooms for a relatively long time. It holds a special place in hearts of the Japanese: signifying new beginnings.

Sensu are the fans used in traditional dance performances, and are a symbol of prosperity as they grow in size when opened up.  Kasumi are clouds, and represent high status.

Shippou is the never ending pattern of interconnected rectangles and polygons, known as gemstones.  Shokkou is the pattern when it contains a flower or crest.

Kikkou is the pattern of hexagaons, known as ‘tortoiseshell’ which symbolises longevity as the tortoise has a long life.

The pattern is printed on a rinzu silk kimono: a kind of damask silk which has Nami, wave, motifs woven into it’s surface, for extra lustre and texture.  Some elements are highlighted in gold, and some of the flowers are embroidered with gold thread.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: Width 19cm, Height 14cm, Depth at base 6cm, at top 1cm.

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