Kuukou Folding Wristlet Clutch 4031I

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Our best selling clutch, hand made from vintage kimono: use as a stylish travel accessory, as it can accommodate a few passports, or a functional 'throw in and go' folding clutch to hold a few essentials on a night out. 

The design on this kimono is a mix of ‘Amime’ and ‘Take or Sasa’.

Amime is the pattern of lines resembling a fisherman's net, and it became a symbol of fishing fortunes. It was also used in the ‘mon’ crest of the military as it was their wish to 

catch and defeat the enemy in one attempt. Within this pattern is Take or Sasa: Bamboo is known for it's strength, therefore the motif signifies strength of character. Bamboo plants are often found near Shinto shrines, grown as a barrier to evil. Bamboo leaves, are used at festival times to ward off evil spirits.

The fabric is a rinzu silk, with Tsuyushiba woven in to make a pattern on the fabric. This crescent shaped motifs symbolise Dew Drops on Grass. It means freshness and so is most commonly found on summer kimono. Tsuki means moon.

This vintage kimono was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 20-30 years old.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 24cm x 13cm


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